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Aasara Education

Bina and the Black Witch

Aasara Education


Aasara Education

Fruit Seller

Aasara Education

Save the Environment

Aasara Education

Ascending and Descending Order

Aasara Education

Getting to know plants

Aasara Education

Mid point theorem

Aasara Education

Quadratic Polynomial

Aasara Education

Reflection of Lights

Our 6 step learning pedagogy

1. Understanding

We at Aasara has prioritised understanding as the basics of learning. The step-by-step process of teaching through the videos, where a student can interpret, evaluate and respond to the character in virtual imagination through the videos .For better understandability we have more than 1,100 digital enhanced videos rendered with advance teaching pedagogy integrated with real time examples virtually

2. Reading

An all new module especially designed to understand the concepts textually. Adaptive learning is more important for the student to adapt and enhance to the next challenge level to suit the knowledge level of the learner and to create a more personalised learning experience. We have divided the learning part into two steps

3. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect . Practice Skills implemented for students in the Application is to promote the students to deal effectively with the challenges to develop their thinking skills. Every chapters have a set of Q/A which facilitates the students to remember.

4. Gamification

Now no boredom to study, learning with fun by playing games. Aasara is one of the only E-learning company to provide gamification for academic subjects.Each subject backed up by an interesting and visual games which makes studies more enthusiastic, interesting and exciting for the student to remember the concepts easily.

5. Doubts

With over more than 200,000 examples and reasoning our team stands strong in providing help to students at anytime

A 24/7 helpline with experts will to help students out at any time. Every student will be assigned an expert to look after their issue. Our experts will make sure that every student understant their doubts.

6. Exams

Aasara conducts a 25 marks exams at every week. By attending these exams students not only remember the subject but it also gives an opportunity for the students to win exciting prizes