Welcome,Aspirant parent, as we value the concern that a parent has towards their ward regarding their educational needs and requirements.Here,introducing AASARA Educational Appwith more than 1,100 videos, Interactive 2D & 3D Games, MCQ’s, Scholarships, Online Exams, Career Guidance, 24/7 Online Support, Multiple-platform (Web, Android, IOS, Desktop).A Visualized platform - Experience stress-free Learning experience to engageand enhance the student and parent in learning tools to empower all parties i.e. parents, teachers and students.

Parental Control Options
  • First, once registering encourage your ward to do self-study.
  • Ensure that your ward is well acquainted to the learning solutions and various tools.
  • Monitor your child's performance through reports at the end of each chapters.
  • Calculate the time spent,limit their online time per day aside from a special school project.
  • Examine their strengths & weaknesses and corrective measures based on their grades in their tests and performances in online test conducted.
  • You can observe your child's concern by his actively participating in learning with AASARA. Share the fun and excitement of learning in a brand new way, sit with them, appreciate their efforts, encourage them to explore and excel.
  • In built parent-control options to block inappropriate sites which helps to block access to certain sites materials. (In devices provided by aasara)


Customer Care provides you a unique entry point for solving your issues and doubts and will help and support you on your daily (learning)operations. We help the Customers across email, phone, chat, social media related all your queries. Online Support with Voice, SMS, Chat & More.

Educator Support

"Educator" feature in AASARA allows a student to choose a confident, a teacher, a subject matter expert to help him/her through the academic journey.


  • After completion of each chapter, 15 minutes online test with exhaustive set of questions will be conducted to enhance your learning ability which simulate real exam climatethat helps to identify gap and strength areas.You will get your results after you answer all of the questions.
  • Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! Answers will be given at the end of test with reasoning for each question.
  • Try not to use books or other websites during the test—the idea is to find your natural level.
  • The most common type of online test is an objective test which tests a candidate on their subject knowledge or is used to understand his or her learning ability.
  • Deep, immersive learning, based on the Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy
  • Promotes independent learning while maintaining continuity from school to home.
  • Interactive content and adaptive learning methodologies for every student to have access to better learning experiences, this initiative aims to help students secure a better, more promising future.